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My very first memory of fishing with my dad was when I was 4-5 years old. He handed me an empty beer can wrapped with some monofilament, a small piece of lead and a hook with a worm on it. He got me to hold the line at the end of my finger tip, and mentioned that when you feel that line tugging on your finger. Pull hard! And then as quickly as you can. A cat fish was my very first catch as a young boy.  Yes, we ate them and until this day. They are one of my favourite fish to eat. I don’t know if it was because I knew how poor we were with a family of 10 that made the fish taste that much better.

I took this as a lesson from my father. “Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and it will feed him for a life time”.  The river was where my father and I spent most of our time in the summer & fall. When the fishing season was open, we spent our time fishing to have food for the family. Most kids got to go to Disney land or on vacation in the summer. Our bond was fishing on the river and I got to learn how to support and provide for our family. That’s “ALL” that I remember doing as a kid. How these lessons made me the man that I’m today.  Somethings are priceless which you can never replace. The abundance of fish in the last 10-25 years has completely change and has raised a big amount of concern. Which is why I founded & started Rod Tuggerz Fishing Adventures.

My time with my father on the river was absolutely priceless in more ways than one. Our “PASSION”l is to help educate any angler that is willing. We play a big part in the Fraser River Sturgeon Society in tagging sturgeons and collecting data as a way to monitor as we want to expose as much as we can to help protect and conserve. Most importantly we are proactively chasing and partnering up with some of the key players in the Fraser Valley to give back and generate funds to make sure the fish stay around so that all of you and myself can make memories to take with our children & Grand children.

These are the moments that I will never forget for my entire life and would most likely be taking them with me.


Grabbing your gear and hitting the water at first light.  The mist rising up off the water like a curtain being lifted allows you to start an epic day.  These are some of my best memories as a kid; waking up to catch the next big one.  Fishing is not only a PASSION but a way of life for many of us on the West Coast.

Learning how to tie hooks, tie flies, set-up your gear and find the best spots are the lessons learned by many kids, taught by their fathers.  I remember always waking up 30 minutes before my Dad, running downstairs at the cabin to say, “Dad can we go out now?”.  Fast forward 30 years and now it’s my son saying, “Dad when can we go out and catch another Sturgeon?”. 


It is those shared experiences with family and friends that keep us all going back to the lake or river, time and time again.



I personally love being able to take people out on the water to show them how great fishing is. Whether it’s Salmon or Sturgeon, once you catch your first one, you will be hooked for life!  Our passion for fishing and our drive to preserve these amazing fish for future generations is the mission of the entire team at Rod Tuggerz.  Come and join us for some fun and create your own memories!

World class guided sturgeon fishing adventures in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada!