Lower Fraser River - June 2018

As we’re moving into the peak of Freshet. Sturgeon fishing early in June can be quite challenging unless you know where the fish are hiding. With the water levels soaring high earlier this year the Fraser River looks like they are shaping up much better in the second week and fishing has been great!


Lamprey Eels & Eulachons continuing to produce fish in the lower portion of the Fraser River. The fish tend to get more aggressive as we move out of Freshet and salmon parts are now being used.


There will always be those days where the bite may be off! It’s important to have a couple different baits on board when targeting sturgeon particularly this month of the year. Lampreys Eels, Eulachons, Pike Minnows, Salmon parts are all good options to have. Key in on which bait they prefer because every day is different.

Experience & proper equipment is needed when you’re fishing in high waters to ensure your safety. You must find them and figure out what they are willing to bite on that day! It's crucial to stay away from debris lanes & remember to always have an eye out for those big logs coming down! The river flow has been slowing down slightly but, the sturgeons are still hugging tight with occasional fish rolling in the middle.

Most fish that has been sampled this month were all tagged previously by anglers who are also part of the Mark Recapture Program with the FRSCS (Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society). As we move into July we should start to see new fish entering our system. Sturgeons migrate back and forth into the ocean & follow the salmon when they return to their spawning grounds.


The middle weeks of June were action packed when you could find them. The last week of June have been a bit more challenging to get them to bite. This is where having the options of different bait and continuing refreshing your offering may make a difference.


Tight lines! Looking forward to reporting in July.


Rod Tuggerz Fishing Adventures.

7 Ft River Monster - June 20, 2018

Always check your lines for debris, tangles & nicks that could cause a line snap. Some days may only leave you with a handful of opportunities. Quality chances are important. Keep you bait fresh and refresh them on your hooks consistently. Especially if they are picking up and dropping the offering without a committment.

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