What does a full day of fishing look like?
A full day of fishing entails an 8 hour trip with start times that vary by each season. We can accommodate almost any requested start time, however, please keep in mind that we track the tides a couple days prior to the scheduled trip - this ensures the highest possible chance of hooking onto fish.
What kind of fish do you fish for and when?
We fish for White Sturgeon, Sockeye Salmon and Chum Salmon in 2018. This year is supposed to be our big Sockeye salmon run! We are hoping that their is an abundance of returning Sockeye salmon making their way into the Fraser River for the fishery to be opened .  Other species of fish/salmon will be added, when runs are available.
Rod Tuggerz Fishing  Adventures will only be open for booking through out our Prime Fishing months July - November 2018.
What methods do you use to catch fish?
For catching White Sturgeon in the Fraser River, we will scan the river bottom for sturgeon holes or places where sturgeons may be lurking. After choosing our location and dropping anchor down, we then cast baited rods with weighted lines to reach the river bottom (FYI, sturgeon are bottom feeders). The rods are then placed into rod holders as we wait for the fun to begin!
Do we need to bring our own fishing gear?
No need to worry about bringing your own fishing gear. On our guided trips we supply everything necessary in order to land you that fish of a life time. Rods, reels, waders, fishing tackle and bait will be included.
What kind of boat do you use?
Our team operates on 21-22 ft Storm Custom Weld Jet Boats able to handle tough river conditions if needed. There's also lots of room on board to manoeuver, BBQ and fish comfortably. Our fleets are equipped with heaters to have our guests stay warm with a hardtop canopy cover to get out of rain or shine. We ensure our clients utmost safety: life jackets on our craft at all times as well as being occupied by Marine First Aid trained professional.
How many guests per boat?
We can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests per boat. To request bigger groups, larger parties, corporate groups or stags. Please contact us at for more information. Thank you
What will the weather be like and what should I wear?
British Columbia's Lower Mainland has some of the mildest weather in all of Canada, we're lucky compared to all the other provinces that’s for sure.
Summer Season (June-September)
We advise in packing a light rain proof jacket for the chilly mornings and possibilities of rain - but keep in mind that it should warm up by the afternoon - just be sure to check the weather forecast the night before. Sunny forecasts also call for t-shirts, shorts, sandals, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Dress for your own comfort, we do have a canopy cover on the boat if you would like to stay out of the sun.

Fall-Winter Season (late September-December)
Please dress warmly because rain/snow/sunshine are all possibilities. Better to be prepared for the worst, rather than misjudging the weather forecast on what to bring. Rain jacket/pants and multiple layers are the best option. Additional suggestions are sunglasses, toques, hats, scarfs, gloves whatever else you need to make yourself comfortable. Being able to remove layers is always preferable to not being warm enough.
Gratuities are always appreciated but not required. If you are happy with your fishing experience, please feel free to tip our guides!
Do we need to tip your fishing guides?
How do we book a trip?
Please refer to our Booking page and check out our calendar to see which dates are available. Email us at with your requested dates. We require contact numbers, email addresses and full names of all members in your party in the same email. The full booking process will be detailed in our reply email. For further inquiries, please email or call (778) 861 4417.
How do I get a fishing license?
What is your cancellation policy?
  • Cancellations are required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trip date for a full refund of deposit.
  • Deposits are non-refundable within the 2 weeks before the booked trip date.
  • For cancellations please send by email, and call to follow up if a reply email has not been received so we are able to process the request in a reasonable time.