Bruce Profile.png

My journey began at a young age where my father first taught me how to fish.

My first experience Sturgeon fishing was unreal and memorable as an adult, exposed to by our uncle (Francis). One of our first trips together landed us an 8'2 and losing some even larger. Being on the water with the family anticipating if the next could be that life time fish everyone speaks of. Not knowing what you have until the first time she exposes herself is what keeps you chasing!

I couldn't believe we have these in our very own backyard. The respect that these fish deserve as well as the conservation they need by every single one of us is the most important reason that has given us the passion to be on the Fraser. There just isn't a better way to spend your time.

Frank Profile.png

I’m born and raised in Maple Ridge, I started fishing with my friends off the Haney wharf when I was 13.    I really became addicted when I went on my first guided sturgeon tour with some friends and we hooked into a 8’6" monster. I was hooked!


I bought my first fishing boat when I was 18.  Funny how I had a boat before I even had my car licences and even had to get my friends to tow my boat to the river!  It wasn't as pretty as my current set up but it got us all on the river.


I just loved being out on the water day and night.  I’ve always loved fishing, chasing the “big one”.  We use to sit for 10-12 hrs on the water with no fish but it did not matter as just being on the water was my peaceful place.  That's when I knew I wanted to fish my whole life.  Now here I am working with the best crew and family around - Rod Tuggerz.


When I was growing up one of my most memorable fishing moments was when the rod was handed to me at the age of 9. Never having the opportunity to fight a Chinook Salmon before, my guess was 25 pounds plus! That got my gears turning.

Later in my teens I was introduced to Sturgeon fishing but never really got to experience one on the line by myself. My uncle Francis asked if I wanted to actually fish for Sturgeon. I got to fight 8 fish that day minus the ones I missed. Best fishing memory I had growing up and so Francis began to teach me everything I know today.

This energy and rush of a life time with friends and family will be something everyone could be apart of to make sure this never goes away. We just love it and EVERYTHING about it!