RodTuggerz | White Sturgeon

Going fishing is not just sitting in a boat, casting a rod out and waiting for a fish to bite the line. It's about the whole experience. Being engulfed in the beauty of nature in Beautiful British Columbia and seeing what the Fraser River has to offer.


Truly an experience of a lifetime that you'll want to share with your family and friends. And, yes you will need to pass the rod back forth for that BIG fish!

No words can really describe how precious these prehistoric animals are and the history behind them dating back millions of years ago. These modern day dinosaurs which make their home in the Fraser River can grow up to a thousand pounds and exceed 12 foot in length.


You know you're hooked up when they start peeling loads of line in mere seconds, following up with that BIG jump! Whether you are a hardcore angler, novice or have no experience at all. Our team of passionate guides will be more than thrilled to teach and guide you in catching and tagging your fish on a lifetime!

Action-packed, big game sturgeon fishing is what we specialize in !